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Olympic Torch Passed Through Santa Cruz do Sul

Today, 5 July, the 2016 Summer Olympics torch passed through the main street of Santa Cruz do Sul, where Bellko has an office. The Torch passed in front of our office, enabling us to visualize upclose such an important symbol. In the picture, the Torch is being carried by Fabiano Peçanha, a local athlete   […]

Bellko formalizes partnership with Guimarães

20 February, 2016  During the month of February, 2016, Bellko and Guimarães formalized a partnership to export the products made by the former to foreign markets. With the partnership, Bellko will export the whole line of products currently offered by Guimarães, including peanut butter, roasted peanuts, banana sweets, honey, molasses, compotes, and many others. Guimarães also […]

Bellko and Kaldi Café Gourmet formalize partnership

01 November 2015 Recently, Bellko and Fazenda Harmonia, the producers of Kaldi Café Gourmet, have formalized a partnership to export high quality brazilian coffee to Europe and other foreign markets. Kaldi Gourmet Coffee is a 100 % Arabica coffee, certified in the Gourmet Category by ABIC – Brazilian Association of Coffee Industry. Presenting an intense […]