Bellko formalizes partnership with Guimarães

20 February, 2016 

During the month of February, 2016, Bellko and Guimarães formalized a partnership to export the products made by the former to foreign markets.

Logo Guimaraes OfficeWith the partnership, Bellko will export the whole line of products currently offered by Guimarães, including peanut butter, roasted peanuts, banana sweets, honey, molasses, compotes, and many others. Guimarães also has a line of organic products, which will be increased soon. The organic products currently being offered by the company include organic molasses, organic brown sugar and organic banana sweets.

Both Bellko and Guimarães expect to be very successful with this partnership, exporting brazilian natural products to not only major markets, but also to smaller ones, where both companies believe there’s demand for such products.


Gumaraes Factory

Guimarães factory, located in Santo Antônio da Patrulha, Rio Grade do Sul state, Brazil