Product Information

Presenting an intense aroma and flavor, soft beverage, full-bodied and with a medium-light roasting level, Kaldi coffee’s acidity is reminiscent of citrus, a feature that is often requested by the best coffee tasters of Brazil and the world, who have given several awards to the coffee, among them the 1st place in the category Pulped Coffee Cherry Beans at the contest Norte Pioneiro (Pioneer North) in Paraná.

All coffee beans go through an electronic system, where they are carefully separated one by one, thus selecting the best grains, thereby ensuring that all come from ripe fruit, discarding the green, rotten and fermented beans.

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DESCRIPTION: Premium Gourmet Coffee Roasted in Beans
UNITARY QUANTITY: Nt Wt 35.25Oz – 1kg
PRIMARY PACKAGING: Coex Kill 20μ / Aluminum 8μ / Polyethylene 90μ
SECONDARY PACKAGING: Carton Boxes / 8-20 packages per box

Available in 1kg and 0,5kg sizes